For the first time a repetition for young groups seems to be like an ordinary time spending on a studio, where every musician is come with a thought “Right now, I’ll play!”

The burning flame of persistence and imagination that you are GREAT on a BIG SCENE, start to fade per every repetition, particularly after the visiting of your favorite group concert.

There are some questions, which appeared to every group member even after few efforts “to meet together and something to play”:

  • Who and what concretely should play?
  • How many times or how much time is required to get some result?
  • What to do, if somebody didn’t come?
  • How much to pay and what you should do if you don’t have an instrument?
  • Finally, the one of the most important questions: “-What is a reason of our activity?”
  • topSTUDIO help to find right solution in a purpose of effective work and development of group creativity, for these and many other questions, which appeared in a process of group repetition.