About us

topSTUDIO – it is a studio of your abilities, where, really, everyone, who want to start his acquaintance with a variety of music world, can reach his own top.

First acquaintance with an instrument is like the first steps of a child – not enough strong yet, somewhere hesitate, but overcoming the first difficulties on a road, are always provided with a stare survey of our teachers.

As a result, even after three months of your perservence, you can confidently walk to the high dream.

We take a responsibility to help you:

  • Study how to play the music instrument or growing up of your professional skills.
  • In starting of your own group or introduce and become a member of the already created group.
  • Take a part in competitions and concerts.
  • Create and record the own composition.
  • You need only the one small thing – HAVE A GREAT LONGING DESIRE – getting the END!