This is my land – Ukraine

By the 24-th of August 2018, there was a concert in Kiev city on the Summer Theatre scene, dedicated to the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine that was organized by topSTUDIO and civil organization regional center
of young people social protection “Connection”.

  • There are three groups Strangers, G-music and REMA singed heartly songs about Ukraine, freedom and native land.
    The Strangers band made a colorful wreath of songs about Ukraine, our time and love. The songs flowed with different colors from the inflammatory rock,

    to the delicate feelings and we hope that it leave their imprint in the hearts of the listeners. It was great sound from topSTUDIO, a cool place and a great audience.
    The G-music band showed at this day bright,
    light and songs. Chirk solo play of musicians was accompanied by applause

    and grateful listeners shouts. Specific atmosphere was made by the light arrangement of the Summer Theatre scene and it was pleased by an audience.
    The Brilliant final was provided for us by the group REMA, kindled everyone by its energy and unstoppable spirit of freedom. Real support and patriotism was open out by the “Rebels” song and strong spirit with a deep thank was flowed in songs “Our Father” and “Ukraine”.