Ukraine – is our future.

There was a great concert by the first September of 2017 year, in Shevchenko’s park in Kyiv city, dedicated
to The Independence Day and The Knowledge Day, in a head of the Social organization “Regional center of youth social
protection ”Connection”, with a help of topSTUDIO and by the support of Shevchenko’s district cultural department.

  • “The Knowledge Day” – this is the name of the first autumn day in Ukraine. Parents preparing their children to school, students preparing to study in universities, but at 7:00 pm The Shevchenko’s park was filled of beautiful singing and music. There are such groups from topSTUDIO which took part in this concert – G-music, Strangers and Holy band. Tonight there were songs about Ukraine, freedom, our earth, patriot-warriors, about God that gave us everything.

    Beginning of the concert was opened by group “Generation-music” – delicious piano of the
    main leaderwas easy combine with singer’s voice. And powerful guitar solo and riffs mixing with accurate drum hits in addition with fountain have created exactly romantic atmosphere.
    Then Shevchenko’s park was able to see and to hear “Strangers” group. Especial accent of singers was – “Ukraine is really our future”!

    Before every song there arose themes of independence, price which is paid for freedom and love to native Ukraine.

  • Furthermore there was a group “Holy band” – there is a combination of two young girl-singers’ voices with a powerful instrumental play of boys.

    These songs help us to remember once more that we, our kids, youth, Ukraine – we have future, due to the warriors, who paid their own life for our future and destiny, which was determined more than a thousand year ago, can’t be changed forever.

    Finally there was a song “Ukraine” , leading by Eduard Anatoliyovych the head of youth club “Connection”.

    Such a great energy and flame inside of Eduard is able to make on fire even stadiums. After such a bright performance it became hard to don’t believe that Ukraine has faith, will and love, which is giving by our God.

    It is not the first year for this song singing in Ukraine. It flew over ATO zone lifting up the spirit of our warriors from Popasna up to Vonovacha.
    Citizens of Kyiv heard and dance in hot rhythms and enjoying musicians play. For many people this evening has become fantastic while faith, freedom and love filled up peoples’ hearts much more.